The Backyard

The Backyard is a collective existing of 14 dancers who studied together at The Royal Conservatory of Antwerp from 2015 to 2018. The 3 years we spent studying together lies at the base of our current collaboration under the name The Backyard. During our education we got the opportunity to work with a lot of teachers and choreographers who are working in the contemporary dance field all over the world like.

The Backyard is founded as a self-sustaining platform by using the individual skills of the artists to the benefit of the group. Is a collective with many different perspectives because of the different cultural and artistic backgrounds of the group.

This collective is a space that opens to its components to create and develop their ideas. Little by little we are finding and definint our way of working together. The way it worked so far was that everytime somebody of us was guiding and directing the creation process. We also collaborate with each others projects by giving diferent kind of suport: with the production, costume design, scenography making, artístic assistance, etc.

The first project created with the collective was It’s Gonna Be Horse, a piece from Samuel Baidoo which premiered the month of November 2018 in Lier, Belgium, and is nowadays on national tour. Last November 2020, they were going to premiere in CC Berchem their second performance: Double Bill: Chapel of Love & Xposure, a work from Machias Bosschaerts and Klara Esnerova, which due to Covid was postponed to November 2021. In the meantime they have also been working on a new audiovisual work directed by Pieter Desmet which will be released at the end of 2021 and it’s called Togetherness.