Cia. Júlia Godino i
Alexa Moya

The company is founded and composed by the two dancers and creators, Júlia Godino Llorens and Alexa Moya Panksep. The company arose with the creation of their duet Picnic on the Moon in 2018, and since then has continued to develop as such. Further, it has also integrated collaborations with other creators, incorporating new artistic disciplines, such as sculpture, in the pieces Residència 0 (2020) and Tan a prop (2021).

Julia and Alexa have followed almost parallel artistic trajectories. Academically, they studied together the Professional Dance Degree at the Institut del Teatre, and after, the Bachelor in Dance, at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, Belgium (deSingel). Subsequently, they have worked together as performers in various projects of other makers and have co-created the collective The Backyard, with 12 other dancers, in Belgium. This journey has generated a strong connection in their artistic interests and a common language that has led them to create their company.

The company counts with the work Picnic on the Moon, winner of the first prize and popular prize in the Certamen Coreográfico de Sabadell 2019 and in the Certamen Coreográfico DanzaXtrema 2020. It has also participated in the Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid 2019 (among the 6 finalist pieces), in the Circuito Danza a Escena, Red Acieloabierto, among others. Residència 0 and Tan a Prop (short version) are the result of the collaboration with the Collective Llego Tarde, where dance and sculpture converge. Among the green grass live the poppies (2021), their latest creation, is the result of a collaboration with the Belgian art gallery Life is Art and the Portuguese musician Jorge Da Rocha.