Double Bill exists out of the combination of two 30 minutes performance: Chapel of Love & Xposure. It is a diptych where the imperceptible becomes tangible, created by Machias Bosschaerts and Klára Ešnerová. The diversity of The Backyard, the collective of which they are both parts, is exhibited in this evening-filling event where the two very different visions of the makers meet. The narrative of Chapel of Love and the abstract of Xposure together form a coherent evening by installing interfaces in the themes of both performances, such as trance, demons and oppression.

Choreography: Machias Bosschaerts, Klára Esnerová
Made with and performed by: Margot Masquelier, Pauline Van Nuffel, Aki Iwamoto, Meike Stevens, Júlia Godino Llorens
Coaching: Tuur Marinus, Koen de Preter, Tanya Hermsen
Dramaturgy: Jenneke Slaets
Production: Machias Bosschaerts, Júlia Godino Llorens, Margot Masquelier
Photography: Tessa Kraan, Laura de Manová, Pieter Desmet, Marc Wellens, Hernan Mancebo
Performance made possible thanks to: Stad Antwerpen, Level Up, KAVKA, Fameus, OC Nova, CC Berchem,
AP Hogeschool/ Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen